Domestic Violence Training Ltd.

We are a specialist training and consultancy service with expertise in the psychological impacts of domestic violence. Our services are informed by the latest national policy developments and international research.

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We offer tailor-made packages for organisations in the statutory and voluntary sectors and we work with individuals and groups to help women recover from domesic violence.


We have a series of DVDs that provides good practice guidance for professionals working with women experiencing domestic violence and includes information and helpful techniques for service users.

In the following samples, from the DVD entitled "Post Traumatic Stress", actors play the roles of women recovering from the psychological effects of domestic violence and we discuss the use of coping mechanisms with a trained psychologist. 



         "Nightmares":   (4:59 mins)                                                                                                                                     "Switching Off":  (4.51 mins)         

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               For details of how to order our training films, please follow the link below.