Recovering From Domestic Violence

                         A series of DVDs for women and frontline workers



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Our DVDs are designed to empower women experiencing the psychological effects of violence by sharing the stories of survivors and their journeys of recovery. Each chapter can help a woman or a worker to recognise common psychological reactions to violence and to choose strategies that might promote healing. Written guides for women and workers, accompanying the DVDs, cover the signs and strategies in more detail.

Domestic violence does not just cause physical injury but psychological harm with complex and multiple effects. We are therefore developing a series looking at different common problems described by women recovering from the psychological harm after domestic violence. Titles included in the series are:

Post Traumatic Stress*                                               Anxiety*
Injured Self Esteem*                                                  Depression
Complex Post Traumatic Stress                                    Grief and Loss
Anger                                                                      Sleeping Difficulties
Substance Use                                                          Reclaiming Relationships
Re parenting Children                                                 Reclaiming Assertion
Risk Assessment and Safety Planning                            Understanding Domestic Violence
Counselling and Domestic Violence                               Making sense of it all


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More Domestic Violence Training DVD titles available soon, including Self Esteem & Depression

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