Quick agency good practice chart

Good Practice Area


(Yes or No)

 Does your department have written policies and procedures or guidelines for dealing with domestic violence? 
 Is domestic violence integrated into departmental plans with performance measures? 
 Have you evaluated/reviewed your department's practice in relation to domestic violence? 
 Has your department produced leaflets, pamphlets or information that can be given to your clients? 
 Do you know if your staff routinely ask women if their request for help is related to/or a result of domestic violence? 
 Have staff received basic training on domestic violence? If yes, has it been updated? 
 Are there identified people responsible for assessing and responding to victims of domestic violence? 

 Does your department take any of the following actions:

  • Document facts about abuse in case notes
  • Reassure the client with key messages
  • Refer to the client to domestic violence helplines
  • Give printed information about domestic violence
  • Develop a safety plan with the client
  • Record the site of injuries on a body map

 Total yes (as a positive outcome)

Total no (indicating further training and support required in this area)



 Has your department experienced the following as obstacles when responding to domestic violence cases:

  • Staff fear repercussions of disclosure
  • Staff fail to identify incidents of domestic violence (unless there is full disclosure)
  • Client's primary language is not English
  • Lack of privacy
  • Attitudes/beliefs impede enquiry about domestic violence
  • Practitioners lack training on how to record domestic violence
  • Practitioners are unsure how to respond
  • Staff are too busy to ask about anything other than the presenting problems
  • Practitioners fear for the client's or their own safety
 Total No (as a positive outcome)                     /9
 Total Yes (indicating further training and support required in this area)                     /9